Happy MLK Day FCC’ers!

In honor of the life and good work of the Rev. DSr. Martin Luther King Jr., I highly recommend you take a few minutes to read the excellent and thought-provoking article below by Pastor Dave Barnhart. Here’s a quick teaser:

It’s vitally important that Christians learn how to read the Bible critically. We should be able to analyze context and pry open the text without fearing we are going to lose our faith when we learn, for example, that a biblical author borrowed a story from a pagan myth. Identifying and naming our interpretive lenses allows us to let the author speak for the author’s own self, instead of becoming a mouthpiece for our own opinions.

It is perhaps the greatest scourge of Modern Christianity that Christians of all theological and political stripes have been taught to use the Bible as “a mouthpiece for our own opinions.” We are all guilty of this, and as Christians, we are all responsible for repenting of that sin and learning to dig deeper so we can faithfully represent God’s good work in the world today.

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