Dear friends,

I’m very excited to announce that this week, thanks to some generous funders, we hired Scott DeLeeuw to be our part-time Associate Pastor over youth and young adult ministries. (Click here to read Scott’s letter to the congregation.)

Scott and his family have been worshipping at FCC for a little over a year now. He has preached occasionally on Sunday mornings, teaches regularly at our Tuesday night dinner, and has been serving in the Sunday school classrooms for the past 6 months. You’ve probably also seen his family helping with the invocation, reading, and candle lighting during Sunday morning services.

Scott, his wife Krystal, and their three kids Trevor, Taralyn, and Trent, moved to Oceanside from central California three years ago with the intention to start a new church. Last year they began worshipping occasionally at FCC in order to be refreshed, and soon came to love FCC as their church home.

We are very fortunate to have Scott and his family at FCC – they have extensive ministry experience. In addition to helping us cultivate a youth and young adult community, Scott will also be available to serve other pastoral needs in our congregation.

If you haven’t already, please take take the time to get to know Scott and Krystal and their family, and be sure to properly welcome them to the FCC family.


Come to our final Mission gathering on August 27

Scott’s new position highlights that we are already moving into the future of our church – a future that includes an emphasis on youth and young adult ministry. But there is still more for us to dream about and plan for in the coming years at FCC.

Please mark your calendars for August 27th at 6 PM for our final Mission gathering at the church. We will present the values and dreams that our Mission gatherings generated last summer, and we will get your input on how those values and dreams open up possibilities for an exciting future for our church. We can’t do it without you.

God bless,

Jason Coker, Lead Pastor