Dear friends,

I have so much news to share this month, so let’s jump right in:

Your Input on Our New Mission Commitment
On September 20th, I shared the first draft of our new “Mission Commitment” at First Christian Church with the FCC Board members. The Mission Commitment is based on many prayer meetings, mission team meetings, and one-on-one conversations that have occurred over the past 18 months — all for the purpose of discerning our next season of life as a church. Based on the Board’s feedback, I’ve created a second draft for your input and will be posting it on the website soon and mailing a copy to those who prefer to receive mail.

This is still not a finished product! We need your input as well. Please take time to read through it and send any comments you have by October 22nd. You can share your feedback on the website, in the mail, over a phone, or by email. Based on your input, we will create a third and final draft for consideration by the Board at our October meeting. I hope you are as excited as we are! We have a strong sense of direction emerging that embraces our legacy and distinctive gifts as a church, yet still leans into the creative possibilities of the future.

New Children’s Director!
I am excited to announce that my wife, Jenell Coker, has agreed to come on board as our new Children’s Director. I am biased, but I think we are extraordinarily fortunate to have Jenell in this role. She has many years of professional experience leading children’s ministries in both small and large churches. She has already made her mark on our program by choosing a new curriculum for the next year, organizing the volunteer schedule, and modeling a great approach to teaching on Sunday mornings. And she’s already planning a Christmas program for the kids. Jenell is high energy and gets things done, so be prepared, but even she can’t do everything, so be sure to ask her how you can help.

New Associate Pastor Search
You may remember that we recently hired our very own Scott DeLeeuw to be our Associate Pastor of Youth and Young Adults. Unfortunately, Scott has come to the difficult conclusion that he simply cannot fulfill those responsibilities with two other jobs as a full-time teacher and water polo coach for Rancho Buena Vista High School. Scott loves FCC and will remain involved, but the timing isn’t right for him to be on staff. We are grateful for the service Scott has provided to our church.

That means we have re-started our search for a staff member who can help us focus on the critical priority of engaging young adults and youth in our community. Please be in earnest prayer about this important position.

New Sermon Series
We are entering a new season at FCC that is focused on how we can serve a broader section of people in our community and serve them more effectively. That means we all would benefit from learning how we are each uniquely called to make a difference in our world for the gospel.

Starting on October 8th, I’ll begin a new 6-week teaching series titled “Calling.” We will explore how God has uniquely called each of us to a particular aspect of His big mission.

New Sermon Study Group
To go along with our new “Called” teaching series, we are also starting a new 6-week sermon study group to dig deeper into that teaching. This group will be hosted by Tina Edwards and will meet on Wednesday nights, beginning October 11th, for 6 weeks. Each week, the group will dig deeper into the topics of the sermons using the book, “S.H.A.P.E. Finding & Fulfilling You Unique Purpose For Life” by Eric Rees. Click here to sign up for this group, or you can always call or email the church office.

Pardon Our Dust
Lastly, FCC will soon begin renovations on the building that will help us be more effective in achieving our new Mission Commitment. This will start with some window repairs in the coming weeks, but in the coming months, there will be lots of that kind of work going on. We appreciate your patience as we work to be good stewards of the amazing space God has given us. We would also appreciate your help! If you have expertise in construction, or just a willingness to roll-up your sleeves and get things done, please let us know! We will be relying on as much volunteer help as possible.

It is such a privilege to serve as your pastor! Thank you so much for all you do to bear witness to the gospel in our community.

Jason Coker, Senior Pastor