JUNE marks three and a half years of my leadership of Disciples Women. This month’s two meetings will end my term. Due to my serious “roller coaster” health, I’m led to cut back.

Wednesday, June 7th, 1pm, the Parlor, is our Prayer & Action meeting, during which time we will install the new leadership DWF. Congratulations to Viki Woelfel, new DWF President.

Wednesday, June 21st, 12:30 at Mimi’s, I will host a celebration of God’s work with DWF, not just the past, but what is coming. Please join us and let me know you are coming so I can reserve our space.

Every woman should consider being involved in DWF, even if only our weekend or special events. This is not a passive group of talkers. It is an active mission group of hard workers, and this experience has changed me. In late 2013, I was asked to become DWF leader. My father had just passed away, I’d been a 24/7 caregiver, and wondered what I could do. I discovered DWF was a “roll up the sleeves and get to work” group of ladies who are now cherished friends. Before I knew it, I was cooking meals for the homeless, helping people at our door, spending deep time learning action in the Word, and worshipping & praying to an active GOD… all in a deeper place of relationship & growth. We fed each other spiritually, becoming closer to God both individually AND as a team. We’re involved in one way, shape, or form in just about everything that happens here… famous for just showing up, working hard, & adding value to the Outreach and Ministry of FCCO.

I humbly offer simple thanks and much love… it’s been a pleasure to serve. We made a lot of progress, added depth to our studies and prayer time, and remodeled our Outreach Mission work & relationship in our community. DWF work is strongly supported by our Pacific Southwest Region and the DW at national and international levels. They add width/depth to the work we do here. Deepest thanks to all.

In service and love,

Emily Wheatley