We live in a world full of hatred, judgement, and division. And sadly, churches are often the most divided places in our communities.

Beginning August 6, we will embark on an 8-week Sunday morning teaching series called “Reconcile.” We will visit 8 “hot-button” topics that often divide Christians: the bible, politics, religion, money, race, environment, gender, and sex.

We will examine each of these topics from a posture rooted in the scriptural tradition of Christianity in an effort to understand how the gospel can empower us to be reconciled in spite of our differences. It is my hope that we will learn humility, charity, and above all, love as we are exposed to the rich diversity of Christian perspectives on these important topics.

I’ll be teaching this series with the help of three friends and fellow ministers: Scott DeLeeuw, Rick Love, and Marcos Mujica. You will be inspired and blessed by each of them. I hope you join us and invite your friends.