Five years of great local talent playing every Thursday night in downtown Oceanside!

We are happy to announce that Coffee house has passed the five year mark. It is a ministry that sometimes has a life of its own. We plan and God has a way of changing things.

Every Thursday we welcome musicians to come and play. The lights are dimmed, candles lit and a small sampling of treats are available.  Pour yourself a cup of Coffee or Tea, some like Hot Chocolate, and sit and enjoy a couple hours of live music.

The crowd is always different. Word of mouth has been the preferred advertisement.  Many bands bring their own fans.  For some musicians this is their only venue. The Talent that comes is wonderful, and they have fun.  Some ask us, ‘as a church why are you doing secular music’?  We do both and we do it well.

We have sensed a change in the hearts of some musicians who have come for years, they often say, “I think I will play this since I am in a church.”   One musician is beginning to write Christian music. Who but the Lord knows how anyone is touched.  The musicians are welcomed and unlike a bar or concert we are a captive audience, so we listen and applaud.  It has been great fun, getting to know so many.  We have made dear friendships that will last forever.

Of course. Because we are First Christian, everyone is welcome.  It is fun to see the diversity of people who come and interact with each other.  To some it is a place where they can get out of the cold and for a bit be treated well.  The music can touch hearts.  A man told me at the end of one evening and as he carried his sleeping bag out to sleep under a bridge, “I will have these songs going through my mind; it will help me sleep and wake up to face another day.”

We give blankets and coats and emergency supplies when we can.  Coffee house is many things to many people. It is not for everyone.  I look forward to Thursdays.  I am Thankful for all who make this possible.  God has allowed us to be blessed by blessing others. As you can imagine there are stories, lots of stories of all that has happened and we pray will continue to happen. We would love for you to come and join us.

We have started a 3rd Thursday Worship Association night.  It is so great, we can sing praise music, and there is an open Mike and best of all God is glorified.

See YOU at Coffee House,

Kim Smith